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Folkestone History Research Group (FHRG)

Our group was formed in December 2016 as an initiative of the Folkestone People's History Centre to

- study the history of Folkestone from the Roman/Anglo Saxon period to the nineteenth century through original individual and collective research

- facilitate the public dissemination of the results of this research through publication in either a digital format on the group’s website or in a paper format

- raise funds to carry out these objectives and apply to grants to enable specific research to be undertaken

History research activities

The group holds regular informal monthly meetings at which current research is presented, discussed and where appropriate support is given.

Additional meetings are also held as the opportunity and need arises. These have to date included introductions to the scope and content of local historical sources and archives, practical skills in field survey and archaeological investigation, and excursions to places of relevant local historic interest.

It is planned to organize a series of lectures, informal guided walks and to present local exhibitions which will be open to the public.

The group is also aiming to develop and provide a geographic based record of all known archaeological sites and finds of prehistoric, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, medieval and later date, as well as records of standing buildings and structures of historic interest.

Current research in Folkestone history

At its formation in December 2016 the group set out a number of research themes which were concerned with the Bayle and its immediate environs, recognizing the importance of this area as an early focus of historic settlement in Folkestone. These studies continue although the scope has now been extended to cover a broader range of subjects and areas of research.

Research has commenced on a number of topics listed below. The results of the research will be periodically posted to the group website.

A Descriptive Inventory of Archaeological Finds & Investigations in Folkestone
The Early Medieval Monastery & Minster at Folkestone
The History and Archaeology of the Medieval Priories of Folkestone
Churchwardens Accounts of the Church & Parish of SS Mary & Eanswythe 1487-1590
The Priory Manor & Mansion House, Folkestone
The Town Water Supply
Manor of Swetton in Cheriton and Folkestone
Medieval Chapels, Springs & Holy Wells in Folkestone : Eanswythe, Botolph, Walton and St Thomas
A Descriptive Bibliography of the Historic Maps and Plans of Folkestone
Coastal Defence and Forts at Folkestone
MW Turner and John Constable, Seascapes and Townscapes of Folkestone from the 1820s to 1840s
The History and Development of Folkestone Museum
Bayle Census Records 1841
The Topographical Drawings of Harry Evans

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